Oota Issandat

Oktoobris osalesin virtuaalses Taizé kooriprojektis, olin vist ainus laulja Eestist. Üks naine Ungaris vedas seda ja sellest tuli ilus advendisõnum:

Ta kommenteeris:

Basically, this video sounds about the „Pilgrimage of Trust“: we visit virtually those cities which hosted Taizé once at least during 42 years. The start point is Paris (1978) and the end point is Cape Town (2019). The source I used for the video:


The photos which you can see in the video are coming from Taizé friends.

The „Pilgrimage idea“ came into my mind because the meeting of Torino was postponed to 2021. I also think that this year is a good time to pray together for a brighter future. I think that the spiritual reality we are living in is higher than the distance between us. This is what I want to say with our video.

My video has 117 singers and 12 musicians from 36 different countries.

Some of You asked me to introduce myself. :) So, I’m 30 years old, I live in Budapest. I was studying corporate finance, and I’ve been learning classical singing for 8 years from now. I was 8 times in Taizé, I was Taizé permanent 4 times. I used to play the recorder in the Taizé orchestra. I play the soprano recorder in this video, You can see me in the Paris scene on the left. ;)

I wish You all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year! :)


Kolmapäev, 23. detsember 2020